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Before a child commences at the Centre, an enrolment form must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian and accompanied with a non-refundable booking fee.† No child can be enrolled at the Centre unless the childís parent or guardian has authorised the Centre to seek emergency medical, hospital or ambulance service.†ALL children must be re-enrolled before the end of each calendar year.

The enrolment forms must provide the Centre with information about the child, details about the parent/guardians, authorised persons who can be contacted in an emergency in the event the Centre canít contact the parents/guardians, authorisations for other people to collect your child from the Centre, child illness history, immunisation status, health and medical information and Centre agreements.† The National Law and Regulations require this information to be kept for each child enrolled at the Centre.

Should any details on the enrolment form change, please notify the Centre as soon as possible.† Parents†MUST update their childís immunisation details with administration each time they are updated.

Upon enrolment, parents should familiarise themselves with the Centreís philosophies, policies and procedures.† Parents can access the Parent Handbook (Organisational Policies) via the website or borrow a copy from administration.

Enquire Now

To enquire about the services we offer, or enquire whether any vacancies exist, please phone the Centre or contact us via email.

Book a Tour

Tours of the Centre are encouraged between the hours of 9:30 to 11:30 in the mornings, and between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoons, as a member of our Management Support Team is always available to show you through during these times, and these are optimal times to see our Family Grouping and Kinder rooms in full operation. †If you are unable to make it during these hours, please contact the Centre to organise a more convenient time to visit.

To book a tour to see our facilities and programs in action, please phone the Centre on (03) 9432 8288 or contact us via email to book a time.

Waiting List

A waiting list is kept and as vacancies occur, the next appropriate person on the waiting list will be notified. †Priority will be given to families who qualify under the Commonwealth Childcare Program - Priority of Access guidelines, and to families already attending the Centre.

If you wish to put your child onto our Waiting List, please fill out the†Waiting List Form and return it to the Centre via fax on (03) 9432 4700 or send it in to PO Box 616, Rosanna, 3084.

Alternatively, please come in for a tour and you can fill the form out when you visit.

When a position becomes available:

If you are on our Waiting List and a position in our Centre becomes available, the following procedures will take place:

* †A member of our Management Support Team will contact you to notify you of the availability

* †Upon accepting the placement, a booking deposit is required by you to hold the position until you are ready to start

* †A free Orientation period (4-5 days over 2 weeks) is organised to help your child settle in to their new environment

* †Organise dates for Orientation and to start care

* †Complete required paper work, including an Enrolment form, Child's personal history, and PAYWAY payment authorisation. †These forms MUST be completed before your child can commence at the Centre.